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AutoCAD Freestyle 18.1

AutoCAD Freestyle Build R18.0.0.585 is a CAD Software product from
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A simple design tool for smart ideas. It's easy to use, low-cost 2D drawing program ideal for creating professional-looking drawings, layouts, and plans that you can share. No training required.
AutoCAD Freestyle is useful in many professional workflows:
1. Drawings created in AutoCAD Freestyle can be opened in AutoCAD and other DWG-based applications for 2D visual communication between nontechnical and technical colleagues.
2. DWG files created in other applications (such as AutoCAD) can be opened in AutoCAD Freestyle so that you can add sketches, notes, and drawing enhancements before sending it back to a colleague.

Clearly Communicate Ideas
Use AutoCAD Freestyle to deliver highly polished drawings to clients, architects, contractors, and other project partners-it's better than a hand sketch any day. Share your drawings with nearly anyone, because AutoCAD Freestyle produces files in the same format used by AutoCAD: genuine DWG . You can also more efficiently create high-quality PDF, DWF, JPEG, PNG, or BMP files for digital communication, archiving, and reuse.

Leave No Room for Error
AutoCAD Freestyle lets you draw quickly without sacrificing quality. Create accurate, detailed plans and layouts to scale with a simplified toolset for creating standard shapes (lines, arc, circle rectangle), annotating your drawings (dimension, text, fills), sketching, doodling, and inserting images and symbols.

Built for You
AutoCAD Freestyle is ideal for drawing garden and landscape designs, room addition and remodeling plans, electrical schematics, custom parts, and more. Unlike other general drawing and office productivity software, AutoCAD Freestyle is purpose-built for creating plans and layouts. If you need simplified 2D drawing program you can use without training, AutoCAD Freestyle is for you.

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